Adib Fattal... Message

Through my art I try to explore the beauty of the ordinary by providing carefully labored and constructed tranquil scenes in order to celebrate the commonplace. Against rural or urban landmarks such as the Citadel of Aleppo,or the rustic beauty of hills in a village,men, women and children go about their daily activities in a “business as usual” fashion. The purpose of the work is to have people yearn for beauty and the normal. I would like to provoke my audience to work towards wanting--as well as actively seeking—peace and harmony.  
Likewise, my art is a form of escapism—an optimistic, dreamlike interpretation of what I wish and desire for the world. I hope to espouse a quiet heroism by refusing to succumb to the violence and horror that currently engulfs us all of us. It is a way of showing determination and hope for the future and a reminder to all that there is still much to hope and aspire for our children and the generations to come.  My message is thus to challenge the perception that the world can be “that unspeakable violent place.” Instead, I would like to show how absolutely beautiful the world is, rich in cultural heritage, in love, beauty and human kindness under  perpetual sunny skies and permanently conscious ofthe beauty and generosity of nature. In these settings, my people live together in harmony, going about their work and leisure as all people do while they enjoy happiness and life for themselves and their children.