Adib Fattal... Biography

Born in 1962 in Washington DC, Adib Fattal has lived in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. He graduated with a BBA in International Marketing from the City University of New York. About twenty years ago, Adib abandoned a career in business and banking to dedicate himself full-time to his real passion: graphic art. At present, Adib lives in a small town outside Damascus, Syria where he paints and looks after his family. While the situation in Syria continues to pose difficulties for Adib, his incessant optimism has not stopped him from pursuing his passion for art and for believing in a better and sunnier future. Adib has had many exhibitions spanning three continents. Besides holding many exhibits in the Arab World such as Syra, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain and the UAE. In 2007, he held a show at the Primitive Art Gallery, Cracow, Poland. He also held a solo exhibit at the Mardin Biennial in Turkey in 2012, presented by the Museum of Everything (London).


  • Joint exhibition sponsored by Shell Company at Maktab Anbar, Damascus , May 2001;
  • Solo exhibition at the Istitut francis d'etudes arabes de Damas, April 2003;
  • Solo exhibition at the Ishtar Gallery, Damascus, December 2002;
  • Solo exhibition at the American University of Cairo on the occasion of "The Year of Palestine.", April 2003;
  • Solo exhibition at the Nassir Shawra Gallery, Damascus, June 2004;
  • Solo exhibition at the Orex Expo in Montreal, Canada, in July-August 2004;
  • Solo exhibition at the Safrkhan Gallery in Zamalek, Cairo in April 2005;
  • Solo exhibition at the V.M art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan, December 2006;
  • Solo exhibition at the Primitive Art Gallery , Cracow, Poland , September 2007;
  • Solo exhibition at the Otrebusy Museum of Folk Art, Warsaw, December 2007;
  • Solo exhibition at the Galerie Janine Rubeiz,Beirut,June 2008;
  • Joint exhibition at the Camden Art Gallery,London,October 2008;
  • Solo exhibition a t the Zamaan Art Gallery,Beirut,Lebanon,May,2009;
  • Joint exhibition at the Hammer Gallery in Holland,Amsterdam, November,2009;
  • Solo exhibition at the Solidere Gallery in Beirut ,Lebanon,in the month of May 2010. ;
  • Solo exhibition at the Jerusalem Fund Gallery,Washington DC.USA,April2011.;
  • Joint exhibition at the Jerusalem Fund Gallery for a special exhibit entitled “Breaching the Wall,Washington DC.,USA,May2011
  • Solo exhibition at the Islamic Resource Center,Greenfield Wisconsin,USA,June 2011
  • Joint exhibition at the Biennal Dever Art Fair,Brussels,Belgium,August 14th 2011
  • Joint charity exhibit entitled "Bashayer," alongside other Arab artists, to support children with cancer in Khobar ,SaudiArabia.November13th to 16th,2011;
  • Solo exhibition at the Spontanious Art Museum,Brussels, Belgium,January 12th 2012;
  • Solo exhibition at the 4walls Gallery in Dubai,UAE All of March,2012;
  • Joint exhibition at the Delaware County Community College,Penn. USA,March2012;
  • Joint exhibition at the Ecolintannuelle Open art Exhibition, Cologny,Switzerland-April 23rd-April27.2012;
  • Joint exhibition at Parallax art Fair, Oct,12th to14th,2012 .London,United Kingdom;
  • Joint exhibition at the Peoples Gallery in Damascus,Syria-July10th-Sept.10th,2012;
  • Solo exhibition at the Mardin Biennial in Turkey presented by the Museum of Everything, London. From September 21 to October 21, 2012,
  • Solo exhibition at Babel Theater,Beirut,Lebanon fromFebruary 19 to March 3rd,2013;
  • Solo exhibition at Museum der Stadt Bad Ischi in Austria from March 1st to end of May,2013;
  • Solo exhibition at Woodrow Wilson Institute in Washington DC.USA,March 15th to May15th,2013;
  • Joint exhibition, organized by the Parivesh Kala Sansthan,Dec.20th toDec.22 ,2013,an NGO which supports and promotes the Indian visual arts culture, Jaipur, India.;
  • Joint exhibition,”My Neighbours”Museum of Modern Art,Istanbul,Turkey,From January 8th To May 8th,2014.;
  • Joint exhibition,All India Art Exhibition,Jaipur,IndiaJanuary31st,2014;
  • Joint exhibition at Gallery EspacesEphemeres,Beirut,Lebanon,May 8th to June 30th,2014;
  • Joint exhibition at the Fall Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture at Khan Asaad Basha,Damascus from November 16th,2015 to November 26th,2015 ;.
  • Solo exhibition at S.V.Gallery,Subject:Palestine,Saifi Village,Beirut,Lebanon From from April 19th to May 7th ,2016;
  • Solo exhibition at S.V.Gallery,Subject Moorish Spain ,Saifi Village,Beirut,Lebanon, From November 6th to November the 18th,2017,;
  • Joint exhibition titleld Exhibit “Homes: Syrian Stories Through Atrtists’ Eyes at the Museo della Cultura (MUDEC) Milan, May 05-May 20, 2018 organized by The Cultural Association L'Art9 together with the London-based Litehouse Gallery;
  • Joint exhibition at the Armena Art Fair,Yerevan,Armenia,represented by Litehouse Gallery,Subject: Syria,May 11th Sto May 14th 2018
  • joint exhibition at the 11th Art Naif Festival in Szyb Wilson Gallery, Katowice, Poland,from 8th June to 10th August 2018.
  • Joint exhibition at the French Cultural center,Ankara,Turkey,organized by ArthereIstanbul,subject: Syria from the 31st of January to Feb the 10 th,2019;
  • Solo exhibition at Atelier Fateh Mudaress,Damascus,Syria,from Feb 25,2019 to 4th of March 2019; Subject: Spain
  • Joint exhibition at the LiteHouse,London,UK,the 14th of March to March 24th,2019;Subject:Syria
  • Joint exhibition at the 11th Art Naif Festival in Szyb Wilson Gallery, Katowice, Poland,from 6th June to August 25TH 2019
  • Joint exhibition at Nabad Gallery,Amman,Jordan,from 26th August to the 26th of September,,2019 ;Subject: Places of the Heart
  • Solo at Street Gallery at Exeter University,UK ,Exeter, from September 19th to December 20th , 2019 Subject:My beautiful Andalusia
  • Joint exhibition at Nabad Gallery,Amman,Jordan from 15th December to the 27th of February, 2019-2020,“Winter season”
  • World Naïve Art Under COVID-19 Influence. MIANM & FIAN online exhibition. 5th/7/2020 to 8/8/2020
  • Joint exhibition at Naïve and Singular art Biennial From 11th September 2020 to 25th October 2020
  • the 4th Naïve & Singular Art Biennial the 4th Naïve & Singular Art Biennial
  • at the castle of Waroux (Belgium).
  • Joint exhibition Litehouse Gallery on Syria
  • 9th – 10th October 2020 At the Freeman Foundation,London. Contemporary Stories Through Artists’ Eye.
  • Joint online exhibition at The Gallery of Everything at Intersect 21 from Tues 16th to Mon 22nd February,2021,London,UK
  • Solo exhibition Kondas Center, Estonia. Magistically Mogul From Monday ,May 24,2021 to Sunday ,August 22, 2021
  • Solo exhibition Museum of Naïve Art Moscow, Magistically Mogul From October 14th, 2021 to January 22nd, 2022.
  • Office de Tourisme Porte Océane du Limousin, Saint-Junien- France Biennale Internationale d'Arts Naïf et Singulier friday 30th of July until the 10th september 2022.
  • NAIVA BRATISLAVA 2022, Primaciálny palác, Bratislava September 7th – 29th 2022 Prague 1 Czech Republic
  • INSITA PRAHA 2022 INSITA PRAHA Lapidarium Gallery 4.11. 2022 – 28.11.2022

Art Achivements:

Adib's works are being presented by the Filu forum of Germany in its archive and CD forms, available at the annual Frankfort Book Fair.
Contributed three ACEO prints to the Small Art From The Heart (SAFTH) international art exhibit in Newaygo, Michigan, August 11th through September 2nd, 2012."
Work cited in INSITA,2010-By the International Exhibition 0f Self-taught Art,produced by theSlovak National Gallery and chosen by an International jury.pp.44-45
Some of Adib's paintings are available in postcards sold by T.B.Z (Tarek Bin Zeyad) company in Syria, as well as other postcards printed and sold by Gutsch Verlog Company Germany. Prints made from select paintings at, Collection at the Art Brut Museum Montpellier ,France "Was selected by a jury to exhibit work at the 52nd International Exhibition of The San Deigo Art Institute, San Diego, California in 2013. The work was selected amongst 1200 other artworks from all over the world." Works of mine are exhibited at the Musee Art Brut Montpellier at the present.